What do John Grisham, James Patterson, Stephen King and Janet Evanovich all have in common?

And, for that matter, Max Lucado and Philip Yancey as well.

They’re successful, but that’s not the answer I’m looking for.

They’re good writers — in their genre, at least — but that’s not the answer I’m looking for, either.

These writers — and virtually all successful writers — have this in common: They don’t depend on themselves alone to get their story told. With each new title, they choose an editor.

That’s because they understand that great books aren’t written, they’re re-written. They also understand that getting experienced feedback is the best way to find your voice .

Every writer knows that with each revision, your book gets better. Add an editor to the process, and the increase is exponential.

More than a proofreader.

Understand: I’m not talking about a proofreader. I’m not talking about someone who corrects your grammar and checks for misspelled words.

I’m talking about someone who becomes immersed in your book, as you are immersed, in order to give you solid, usable ideas related to prose, pacing, and arc.

If your work is fiction, you need someone who’ll call you out on characters cut from cardboard, who’ll catch inconsistencies and help you tie up loose ends, and who will challenge you, when necessary, to find a better way to say what you’re wanting to say.

If your work is non-fiction, you need someone who can help you build your case chapter-by-chapter and develop a structure that keeps your readers turning the page, page after page.

With freelance editors, you typically get what you pay for. I encourage you, then, to seek out the best you can afford.

A simple Google search will turn up hundreds of qualified professionals eager to work with you. As long as you’re here, you may as well consider me.

Am I the editor for you?

There’s only one way to find out.

Send me the first 2500 words (ten pages) of your manuscript. I’ll send you back my notes. No cost or obligation. If we decide we’re a match, we can take the next step.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The price for editing your manuscript is $1250 / 50,000 words.

Ready to talk about it? Call 615-346-9289 or send an email to Steve May (steve@stevemay.com) to start the conversation.