I published my first book in 1998, a little volume called Sermons For Seekers. To get the best price possible, I printed 2000 copies. I paid about $2.10 for each one, if I remember correctly. That’s in addition to what it cost to have the cover and interior design work done. I eventually sold all of them (at least, the ones that I didn’t give away), but it was quite an investment that took a long time to recoup.

For a long-time, this was the only option for self-published writers. Then along came Print-on-Demand, a process that can output books one at a time. Now instead of ordering in lots of 1000, you can order in lots of 100. Or 10. Or even 1. That greatly reduces the upfront investment necessary to get published.

There’s still the design work that needs to be done, both cover and interior. It’s possible to format your book’s interior using Word, and it’ll do in a pinch, but it’s not the best solution. I encourage writers to either invest in a program like Adobe In Design, or hire a professional to design the interior.

This goes double for the cover. Self-published authors make their biggest mistake in trying to cut corners with the cover. I understand the need to do it; you’re not made of money. But a well designed cover is the best way to tell the world that you’re serious about your work.

Self-published authors need to give themselves every possible edge; a professionally designed book makes a difference.

Alderson Press can help you get your book ready for print. We’ll design the interior for you. If you haven’t already made arrangements for your cover, we’ll connect you with a quality, reasonably priced graphic designer who can give you a cover that you’ll be proud of.

How it works.

Send us your completed manuscript in Word format, in 10 days we deliver print-ready files that you can take you to the publisher of your choice.

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Pricing for Print & Ebook design:

Interior book design: $379
Includes ebook formatting. (Slightly more if the interior of your book includes images, graphs, or tables.)

Cover design: $299
Includes ebook cover.

(You have the option of providing your own cover.)

Ready to talk about it? Call 615-346-9289 or send an email to Steve May (steve@stevemay.com) to start the conversation.